0.9.2sebie-0.9.2.tar.gz105 kB13-Aug-2010Fedora 13 build fixed.
0.9.1sebie-0.9.1.tar.gz90 kB18-Mar-2007Regex handling fixed.
0.9sebie-0.9.tar.gz89 kB05-Feb-2006Add events delete_event and destroy to main window. Handling resizable drawing area.
0.8sebie-0.8.tar.gz88 kB20-Mar-2005Use move and select resize edge cursor icon. Fix selection in case cursor crosses the fix point. No error message in case of ~/.sebierc does not exist.
0.7sebie-0.7.tar.gz80 kB12-Jan-2005Add button for grayscale conversion.
0.6sebie-0.6.tar.gz80 kB27-Oct-2003Fix (big) mem leak. Add range check for selected region and error popups.
0.5sebie-0.5.tar.gz79 kB20-Jul-2003Redraw image on expose event. Use gtk_spin_buttion for image gamma value.
0.4sebie-0.4.tar.gz78 kB19-Jul-2003Bugfixes. Add gamma curve color correction.
0.3sebie-0.3.tar.gz77 kB17-Jul-2003Save some configuration in the file '~/.sebieconf'.
0.2sebie-0.2.tar.gz77 kB20-Dec-2002Minor fixes.
0.1sebie-0.1.tar.gz75 kB18-Dec-2002The first running version.

Distribution packages

Binary packages of SeBIE are available through 'openSUSE Build Service' for various distributions here.

Packages for the following Linux distributions should be available:

  • openSUSE 11.1/11.2/11.3 (i586/x86_64).
  • Fedora 12/13 (i386/x86_64).
  • RHEL 4/5 (i386/x86_64).
  • CentOS 5 (i386/x86_64).
  • Mandriva 2009.1/2010 (i586/x86_64).
  • Debian 5.0 (Lenny)/4.0 (Etch) (i386/amd64).
  • Ubuntu 6.06/8.04/9.04/9.10/10.04 (i386/amd64).

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