What is SeBIE?

The problem: Got a huge amount of scanned pictures (from your digital camera, or as Picture-CD from your favorite lab)? Want to rotate some of them to the right orientation? Select a good detail? Scale to a given output format? Want to do this with as less as possible mouseclicks?

The solution: SeBIE - the Semi-Batched-Image-Editor.

  • Input filename selection via regular expressions.
  • Create output filename via regular expression and substitution.
  • Select image details with a given proportion.
  • Scale to a given output format when saving.
  • Apply some color correction (at the moment only gamma curve correction is possible).

Why Semi-Batched? Because SeBIE is not fully batch processing. A rest of user interaction is still needed (and wanted).

SeBIE is written in C using the gdk/gtk (GTK2/GTK3/GTK4) toolkit (

SeBIE is distributed under the GPL license.

What does SeBIE look like?


Or take a look at a full size screenshot (1209x813 pixel) here jpg 131 Kb, gif 347 Kb.

How to compile and run?

Get the source distribution from the download page and unpack:

tar -xvzf sebie-0.9.5.tar.gz

Change to the sebie source directory:

cd sebie-0.9.5

Run the configure script (autoconf/automake, GTK2):


Build the executable:

make all

And install it as 'root':

make install

Or use CMake (cmake, GTK4/GTK3/GTK2):

cd sebie-0.9.5
cmake .

Build the executable:

cmake --build .

And install it as 'root':

cmake --install .

Start the application using the command 'sebie'....

Or use Meson (meson, GTK4/GTK3/GTK2):

mkdir sebie-0.9.5-meson-build
cd sebie-0.9.5-meson-build
meson setup ../sebie-0.9.5

Build the executable:

meson build ../sebie-0.9.5

And install it as 'root':

meson install

Start the application using the command 'sebie'....

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