Why 'ciselant.de'?

Why this domain is called ‘ciselant.de’

The first time I recognized the word ‘ciselant’ was when reading the book ‘Lipstick Traces’ from Greil Marcus (Rowohlt Verlag, 1996, S. 239):

Neben den vorherbestimmten Stadien von Ausdehnung und Zersetzung existiere noch eine weitere M√∂glichkeit: die des ‘ciselant’ (ausfeilen).

This is in one Chapter which is mainly about Isidore Isou.

One of the not numerous pages I found on the web when searching for ‘ciselant’ was one with a reference to Isidore Isou (Jean-Isidore Goldstein), “La Photographie ciselante, hypergraphique, infinitesimale et supertemporelle” ( SANDRO RICALDONE WEBPAGES: LETTRISME. A CHRONOLOGY, ISIDORE ISOU, LETTRISME).

I do not know the exact meaning of the french ‘ciselant’ but found the following english and german similare words:

Amazing, but true there is another domain name inspired from the above quoted sentence of Greil Marcus (but from the english version of the book). I found it recently searching the web for ‘ciselant’. For further information see www.compost-records.com.