What is Jardin?

Jardin is a very simple (and at the moment incomplete) implementation of a Java Card Virtual Machine.

Its main purpouse is to help me to gain some more understanding of the Java Card Specification available from Sun (see http://java.sun.com/products/javacard/).

Jardin is written in C and should compile on most Unix systems. Jardin is distributed unter the GPL license.

How to compile and run?

Get the source distribution from the download page and unpack:

tar -xvzf jardin-0.1.tar.gz

Change to the jardin source directory:

cd jardin-0.1

Run the configure script:


Build the executable:

make all

And run jardin with the prebuild cap files (this will run the simple HelloWorld applet) and watch the output......

./jardin java_src/cap_files/java/lang/javacard \
              java_src/cap_files/javacard/framework/javacard \
              java_src/cap_files/com/sun/javacard/samples/HelloWorld/javacard \

If you want to experiment with your own Java Card Applet take a look at java_src/Makefile on how to build the cap files from source and java_src/jardin/Jardin.java on how to configure the APDU messages for your applet.

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Last modified: 08-Aug-2002

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