Valgrind (

Bug 85629: warning: Valgrind's pthread_cond_destroy is incomplete.

Patch against valgrind-2.2.0: patch-bug_85629-vg-2.2.0.txt

Patch (tests) against valgrind-2.2.0: patch-test_85629-vg-2.2.0.txt

Obsoleted by different pthread implementation since valgrind-2.4.0 (March 24, 2005).

Bug 85625: Syscall param execve(envp) contains uninitialised or unaddressable byte(s)

Bug 78422: valgrind's UNIMPLEMENTED FUNCTION: pthread_mutex_timedlock.

Based on the previous patch from Tom Hughes.

Patch against valgrind-CVS-2004-09-27: patch-bug_78422-vg-CVS_2004_09_27

committed by Tom Hughes, 17 Oct 2004

Bug 77824: --db-attach does not work

Patch against valgrind-CVS: patch-bug_77824.txt

Improved patch committed by Tom Hughes, 21 Apr 2004

Bug 76845: vg_scheduler.c:786 (idle): Assertion `delta >= 0' failed.

Patch against valgrind-2.2.0: patch-bug_76845-vg-2.2.0.txt

Patch against valgrind-CVS-2004-09-27: patch-bug_76845-vg-CVS_2004_09_27.txt

committed by Tom Hughes, 17 Oct 2004

Bug 359202: Add musl libc configure/compile

Patch v1: Fixes for musl libc (v1-0001-Fixes-for-musl-libc.patch).

Patch v2: Fixes for musl libc (v2-0001-Fixes-for-musl-libc.patch).

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