Shotwell (, Open source photo manager for GNOME)

"Hide photos already imported" in camera view is not working correctly (2012-02-04)

Posted fix to existing bug:

New link: (since 2013-11-26).

Tracked down the problem to ImportPage.load_previews_and_metadata() using GPhoto.load_preview() for the thumbnail and associated preview_md5 value.

All other e.g. BatchImport use metadata.flatten_exif_preview() to get the thumbnail data for which the thumbnail_md5 is calculated and which is stored to the shotwell data base.

In GPhoto.load_preview() there is code to strip some trailing bytes from the thumbnail data (added as fix for bug #2905 (, see git commit 6e9864587c36d25e17dc0695b27dc478c4f0b8ac), this results in different md5 sums used in ImportPage and in the shotwell data base.

Working fix for me was to revert git commit 6e9864587c36d25e17dc0695b27dc478c4f0b8ac, see attached patch.

Patch: patch-fix-hide-fotos-already-imported.patch

Shotwell crash while importing files from camera (2012-02-06)

Reported as bug

New link (since 2013-11-26).

Other References:

Found a reason (and fix) for the bug, boils down to a size mismatch with the parameters when calling gp_file_get_data_and_size() on x86_64 system (could reproduce this only in a 'configure --debug' build, no crash with release build).

Problem analysis (gdb trace/comments):

$ gdb ./shotwell
(gdb) run

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00007ffff02b5540 in __memcpy_ssse3 () from /lib64/
(gdb) where
#0  0x00007ffff02b5540 in __memcpy_ssse3 () from /lib64/
#1  0x0000000000604c9a in gp_load_file_into_buffer (context=0x1911740, camera=0x194c950, folder=0x1873270 "/DCIM/100CANON", filename=0xe33a50 "IMG_0001.JPG", 
    filetype=GP_FILE_TYPE_EXIF, result_length1=0x7fffffffb1c0, error=0x7fffffffb1b8) at /home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/GPhoto.vala:248
#2  0x0000000000603c87 in gp_load_metadata (context=0x1911740, camera=0x194c950, folder=0x1873270 "/DCIM/100CANON", filename=0xe33a50 "IMG_0001.JPG", error=
    0x7fffffffb2a8) at /home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/GPhoto.vala:176
#3  0x0000000000615331 in import_page_load_previews_and_metadata (self=0x12d4570, import_list=0x142f040)
    at /home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/ImportPage.vala:1405
#4  0x00000000006114d9 in import_page_refresh_camera (self=0x12d4570) at /home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/ImportPage.vala:1125
#5  0x000000000060fa85 in import_page_try_refreshing_camera (self=0x12d4570, fail_on_locked=0)
    at /home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/ImportPage.vala:952
#6  0x000000000060f936 in import_page_real_switched_to (base=0x12d4570) at /home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/ImportPage.vala:943

(gdb) frame 1
#1  0x0000000000604c9a in gp_load_file_into_buffer (context=0x1911740, camera=0x194c950, folder=0x1873270 "/DCIM/100CANON", filename=0xe33a50 "IMG_0001.JPG", 
    filetype=GP_FILE_TYPE_EXIF, result_length1=0x7fffffffb1c0, error=0x7fffffffb1b8) at /home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/GPhoto.vala:248
248             Memory.copy(buffer, data, buffer.length);
(gdb) p buffer
$1 = (guint8 *) 0x1955110 ""
(gdb) p data
$2 = (guint8 *) 0x0

---> data (the location from where to copy) is null

(gdb) p buffer.length
Attempt to extract a component of a value that is not a structure.

---> gdb could not show vala data types, take a look at the compiled version of GPhoto.vala,
---> a generated C file src/camera/GPhoto.c where the memcpy takes place:

2182 #line 248 "/home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/GPhoto.vala"
2183         _tmp31__length1 = buffer_length1;
2184 #line 248 "/home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/GPhoto.vala"
2185         memcpy (_tmp29_, _tmp30_, (gsize) _tmp31__length1);
2186 #line 250 "/home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/GPhoto.vala"

(gdb) p _tmp29_
$3 = (guint8 *) 0x1955110 ""
(gdb) p _tmp30_
$4 = (guint8 *) 0x0

---> _tmp30_/data is really null (no gdb debug info failure)

(gdb) p _tmp31__length1
$5 = 21336

--->  _tmp31__length1/buffer.length is set, so take a look at vala source code

(gdb) list
235             res = camera.get_file(folder, filename, filetype, camera_file, context);
236             if (res != Result.OK)
237                 throw new GPhotoError.LIBRARY("[%d] Error retrieving file object for %s/%s: %s", 
238                     (int) res, folder, filename, res.as_string());
240             // if buffer can be loaded into memory, return a copy of that (can't return buffer itself
241             // as it will be destroyed when the camera_file is unref'd)
242             unowned uint8[] data;
243             res = camera_file.get_data_and_size(out data);
244             if (res != Result.OK)
245                 return null;
247             uint8[] buffer = new uint8[data.length];
248             Memory.copy(buffer, data, buffer.length);
250             return buffer;

---> camera_file.get_data_and_size(out data) return code is checked, but data is null?
---> one more look at the generated C file

2123 #line 243 "/home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/GPhoto.vala"
2124         _tmp21_ = camera_file;
2125 #line 243 "/home/seiderer/Work/shotwell/shotwell/src/camera/GPhoto.vala"
2126         _tmp24_ = gp_file_get_data_and_size (_tmp21_, &_tmp22_, &_tmp23_);

---> check the parameters for the gp_file_get_data_and_size(CameraFile*, const char **data, unsigned long int *size) call

(gdb) p  _tmp24_
$6 = 0

---> return  value is o.k.

(gdb) p _tmp22_
$7 = (guint8 *) 0x0

---> data is set to null

(gdb) p _tmp23_
$8 = 21336

---> size seems to be o.k.
---> what now? check the data types...

(gdb) ptype _tmp22_
type = unsigned char *

---> o.k.

(gdb) ptype _tmp23_
type = int

---> here it is what causes the bug, on x86_64 the type 'int' is 4 bytes long
---> and the type 'unsigned long' is 8 bytes

(gdb) p sizeof(int)
$9 = 4
(gdb) p sizeof(unsigned long)
$10 = 8

---> take a look at the address of _tmp22_ (data) and _tmp23_ (size)

(gdb) p &_tmp22_
$11 = (guint8 **) 0x7fffffffb008
(gdb) p &_tmp23_
$12 = (gint *) 0x7fffffffb004

---> what happens? From libgphoto2-2.4.11/libgphoto2/gphoto2-file.c

 350 gp_file_get_data_and_size (CameraFile *file, const char **data,
 351                            unsigned long int *size)
 352 {
 353         CHECK_NULL (file);
 355         switch (file->accesstype) {
 356         case GP_FILE_ACCESSTYPE_MEMORY:
 357                 if (data)
 358                         *data = file->data;
 359                 if (size)
 360                         *size = file->size;
 361                 break;

---> first at line 358 file->data pointer/8 bytes are written to the address &_tmp22_/0x7fffffffb008
---> second at line 360 file->size/8 bytes are written to the address & &_tmp23/0x7fffffffb004
---> overwriting 4 bytes of _tmp22_ (because of the type mismatch) which leads to the null pointer
---> in the memcopy

--> the fix (new libgphoto2/get_data_and_size() vala binding, adjusted calls in src/camera/GPhoto.vala)

Patch: patch-fix-shotwell-crash-while-import.patch

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