ImageMagick (

Bug 3739: ipa_bmp_draw in coders/wmf.c did not scale to the output size

Patch against ImageMagick-6.1.2: patch-bug_3739-IM-6.1.2.txt

Applied to ImageMagick Feb 21, 2005.

Bug 3717: Hitting assertion while reading a wmf file

Patch against ImageMagick-6.1.2: patch-bug_3717-a-IM-6.1.2.txt adding an additional check befor hitting the assertion.

Patch against ImageMagick-6.1.2: patch-bug_3717-b-IM-6.1.2.txt fix NewMagickFromWand, the cause for the error.

Applied to ImageMagick Feb 17, 2005.

Bug 3063: Not every jpeg2000 file has a OPACITY channel

Patch against ImageMagick-6.1.3-7: patch-bug_3063-IM-6.1.3-7.txt

Applied to ImageMagick Nov 11, 2004.

Bug 3054: Read icc profiles from jpeg2000 images

Patch against ImageMagick-6.1.3-7: patch-bug_3054-IM-6.1.3-7.txt

Bug 3020: ImageMagick without configure files

Patch against ImageMagick-6.1.3-4: patch-bug_3020-IM-6.1.3-4.txt

Bug 2967: JPEG 2000 Part 4 Conformance Test Files (file3.jp2)

Patch against ImageMagick-6.1.3-2: patch-bug_2967-IM-6.1.3-2.txt

Applied to ImageMagick Nov 03, 2004.

Bug 2966: JPEG 2000 Part 4 Conformance Test Files (file2.jp2)

Patch against ImageMagick-6.0.8-3: patch-bug_2966-IM-6.0.8-3.txt

Applied to ImageMagick Oct 29, 2004.

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